Available Wendesday-Sunday at  Maria Tash  653 Broadway

Available Wendesday-Sunday at Maria Tash 653 Broadway

Who I am:

Hello, my name is Ben Tauber. I have been piercing professionally for over twelve years in studios around the world. For nearly eight years, I have worked with Maria Tash focusing on high end piercing services with luxury jewelry. I strive to cater to each client’s individual needs and will work intimately with you to create your dream piercings. 

I have worked in collaboration with brands such as Saks, Liberty London, Lane Crawford, Free People, and have had my work and thoughts featured in Vogue, Elle, GQ, Refinery29, and others. Outside of the fashion sphere, I have gained piercing-related knowledge and training from respected educators such as the Association of Professional Piercers, Progressive Mentorship, Health Educators, as well as medical courses and training. 

I am one of the early creative forces behind the “Curated Ear,” a movement named by Maria to describe the intentional, careful, and extensive styling necessary to construct an aesthetically engaging ear piercing project. No two bodies are alike, and I am honored and excited to create a unique piercing project, tailored just for you.